MQL4 Book  Appendixes  List of Programs

List of Programs

Expert Advisors:

Name Description with the link to the section
create.mq4 Example of a commented programming code
simple.mq4 Example of a simple EA, execution of special functions
possible.mq4 Example of a correct program structure
incorrect.mq4 Example of an incorrect program structure
userfunction.mq4 Simple example of a user-defined function applicaton
onelevel.mq4 Example of if-else operator application
twolevel.mq4 Example of if-else operator application
twoleveloptim.mq4 Example of if-else operator application
compoundcondition.mq4 Example of if-else operator application
pricealert.mq4 Example of switch operator application
predefined.mq4 Updating a value of a predefined variable
countticks.mq4 Example of global variable application (tick counter)
staticvar.mq4 Example of static variable application (tick counter)
externvar.mq4 Example of external programs application
globalvar.mq4 Example of GlobalVariable application
stringarray.mq4 Example of string array application
extremumprice.mq4 Usage of values of time-series array elements
newbar.mq4 Detecting the fact of a new bar appearance (time-series array)
modifystoploss.mq4 StopLoss market orders modification
callindicator.mq4 Calling a technical indicator function from an EA
historybars.mq4 Calling iMA() technical indicator function from an EA
callstohastic.mq4 Calling iStochastic() technical indicator function from an EA
tradingexpert.mq4 Simple EA. Structure, strategy, algorithm.
shared.mq4 EA that calculates trading criteria on the basis of a custom indicator.
comment.mq4 Displaying a text in the upper left corner of a security window
dialogue.mq4 EA supporting a dialog with a user
grafobjects.mq4 EA that uses OBJ_LABEL graphical object
moveobjects.mq4 EA that manages the position of a graphical objects
charts.mq4 EA that manages graphical objects in subwindows of a security window
strings.mq4 EA that manages graphical objects for candlestick coloring
timebars.mq4 EA that displays a tick coming time and bar opening time
bigbars.mq4 EA for searching a bar that is not lower than a specified height
timeevents.mq4 EA that performs some action at a specified time
createfile.mq4 EA for creating news timetable file
matrix.mq4 EA for matrix transpose
сheck.mq4 Rights limitation when using programs that are distributed on a commercial basis
usualexpert.mq4 Usual EA that uses include files



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