MQL4 Book  Appendixes  Styles of Indicator Lines

Styles of Indicator Lines

Styles of drawing indicator lines for SetIndexStyle() and SetLevelStyle() functions:

Constant Value
DRAW_LINE 0 Simple line
DRAW_SECTION 1 Sections between nonempty line values
DRAW_ARROW 3 Arrows (symbols)
DRAW_ZIGZAG 4 Drawing sections between even and odd indicator buffers
DRAW_NONE 12 No drawing

Line style. Used only if the line width is equal to 0 or 1:

Constant Value Description
STYLE_SOLID 0 Solid line
STYLE_DASH 1 Dashed line
STYLE_DOT 2 Dotted line
STYLE_DASHDOT 3 Dash-and-dot line
STYLE_DASHDOTDOT 4 Double dotted dash-and-dot line