MQL4 Book  Appendixes  Sound Files

Sound Files

The set of the wav files recommended for using in the practical work in EAs, indicators and scripts:

File Name
Recommended Terms of Use
Close_order.wav Market order closing
Ok.wav Successful ending of a trade operation
Transform.wav Transforming a pending order into a market order
Bulk.wav Insignificant events
Inform.wav Different information (trade criterion modification, etc.)
Oops.wav Critical information (out of money, etc.) or invalid action
Expert.wav Trade order is given
Error.wav Unsuccessful ending of a trade operation
Bzrrr.wav Other errors
Wait.wav Pause
Work.wav Necessary programs and files are installed
Tick.wav New tick
W1.wav Other terms
W2.wav Other terms
W3.wav Other terms

It is not recommended to use jar, contrasting and long playing sounds.