MQL4 Book  MetaEditor


In this section, we will dwell on the general order of creating application programs using MetaEditor.

MetaEditor is a multifunction specialized editor intended for creating, editing, and compiling application programs written in MQL4. The editor has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate when writing and checking out a program.

File system
MetaEditor stores all source codes of MQL4 programs in its own structured catalog on a hard disk. The location of a program in MQL4 is determined by its purpose: a script, an EA, an indicator, an include-file, or a library.

Creating and using programs
It is very easy to create a program in MQL4—built-in tools will help you. You can modify templates for creating scripts, indicators, or EAs. The created code will be automatically saved in a corresponding folder of MetaEditor file system.